12 Best Boxing Shoes in 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

To get the good footwork during the boxing battle one needs to have  Best Boxing Shoes. Because when we talk about high-intensity sport like boxing or wrestling, the quality of boxing gear matters a lot and the importance of boxing shoes come first. No matter whatever your experience level is either amateur or professional, having quality footwear can easily optimize your performance, technique, and foot movement.  And that is the reason, you should not neglect the importance of having the best boxing footwear to completely utilize your energy.

But, Stop!

Here a question arises that Where to find these shoes for boxing? So, There are plenty of brands and products available in the market with claims that they can satisfy your needs, from Adidas boxing shoes to Nike boxing shoes. But, do you have enough time to search for such brands and have enough investment to do experiments with their products? If not then you’re at the right place. We’ve compiled the list of best cleats available in the market while keeping it short and nice to save you from the confusion with the in-depth reviews.
Let’s jump into the list and reviews of best boxing shoes best for men and women:

Our Top Picks


Otomix Stingray Escape Men's boxing shoes

  • Lightweight Design
  • Good Grip
  • Wide Range Of Motion



  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Impressive Elasticized Lacing



Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

  • Good Foot Support
  • High Class Material
  • Good Ankle Grip


Best Boxing Shoes 2020

best boxing shoes 2020

What Boxing shoes you should buy?

Finding the right pair of boxing shoes with elite and all-round features at a reasonable price is very challenging. But in boxing, this is the case, which makes it one of the high end and intense games in the world of sports. Footwork is what makes you smoothen your technique and only the best technique can make you survive in the ring. So, while buying a new pair of boxing shoes there are three things that you must need to consider before making any decision which is solely based on your choice.

Performance and Speed: Buying a pair of boxing footwear that provides great performance and speed comes with a price. And recommended for the medium to highly skilled boxers and professionals. Please note it is worth to consider footwear that offer high quality just for the training classes as beginners

Fit for ankle and comfort: In a sport like boxing that demands a lot of pressure on your ankles and feet requires a pair that offers great comfort and durability. So you need to find the design and material that fits into your feet and provides you optimum mobility with protection to ankles.

Price: For beginners, it is not a good and smart idea to invest a high amount on the boxing footwear that demands strong skillset and the proper technique. They should get a pair that at least offers the all-round performance from foot comfort to speedy movements. But, for medium to high skilled professionals, it is best to find the pair that is lightweight and offers excellent fit and performance.

List of Top Boxing Shoes of 2020

Sr.NoBoxing ShoesTypeRating
1Otomix Men's boxing shoesBoxing and Wrestling⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2Adidas Men's HVC Boxing ShoeBoxing and Wrestling⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing ShoesBoxing⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4Reebok Men's Boot Boxing ShoeBoxing⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing ShoesBoxing and Gym⭐⭐⭐⭐
6Nike Men's Speedsweep ShoesBoxing and Wrestling⭐⭐⭐⭐
7Adidas Men's XIV-M ShoesBoxing and Gym⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
8Ringside undefeated boxing shoesBoxing⭐⭐⭐⭐
9ASICS Unisex Snapdown 2 Wrestling ShoesBoxing and Gym⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
10ASICS Men's Matflex 5Boxing and Wrestling⭐⭐⭐⭐
11Ringside Diablo Boxing shoes for men and womenBoxing and Wrestling⭐⭐⭐⭐
12Venum Elite Boxing shoesBoxing⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Otomix Men’s boxing shoes – ( Best for MMA and boxing)

Otomix is the California based American company that is making boxing shoes for both men and women for the last 30 years. It maybe not popular as Adidas or Nike but there experience in martial arts and boxing footwear speaks for themselves.
Stingray is so far the most superior product of Otomix because of its performance and flexibility. One thing that is more notable about stingray is the fit they offer is just like normal casual shoes.

The ultra-lightweight design of Stingray’s Escape offers a high level of support, grip, and balance to the feet. Another high-quality feature is that they are made of leather/polyester material. The usage of Leather makes them perfect for all kind of high-intensity sports that requires professional boxing shoes.
No matter what your sports background is, you can wear them for a gym, martial arts, and weightlifting as well. Moreover, stingrays are available in many colors such as blue, black, and red to offer you a stylish look.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of buying Otomix Stingray Men’s Boxing shoes.

  • Ultra Lightweight design
  • Provide great traction and grip to feet and ankle
  • Wide range of motion that helps in movement and agility
  • Not an excellent airflow due to less ventilation but good enough to support air flows

Our Verdict
Otomix Stingray Escape Men’s boxing shoes are worth spending your money on as they are perfect for all types of training, Lifting, Jujitsu, Taekwondo, Boxing, Wrestling, Powerlifting, and CrossFit offering a high level of performance and comfort.


2. Adidas HVC Men’s Shoes – Best Of Speed

You can never write off Adidas from the list when talking about the professional footwear for athletes. Adidas is a German brand that provides quality products that fit within the budget of everyone. Adidas designed these shoes for both Wrestling and boxing. These Shoes are good for boxing because of sturdy, durability, and affordability.Adidas HVC Men's

The interesting thing about Adidas HVC is that it comes with a single mesh upper layer. So, This mesh layer acts as a ventilator and keeps the foot in comfort.  It offers multi-directional grip and rotations, which keeps the feet stable and is usually preferable for intense workouts and fights.

The full rubber sole is one of the strengths of Adidas HVC that makes them the best choice of boxing shoes for beginners. If we talk about Design then it has the best combination of both synthetic leather and suede material. And finally, they have the elasticized lace straps, which effectively prevents the laces from becoming loose in the middle of the fight to disturb your focus.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of having Adidas HVC Men’s shoes.

  • Comfortable because of multi-dimensional grip
  • Affordable in price
  • Impressive elasticized lacing
  • A little narrow outside
Our Verdict
Adidas HVC boxing shoes are one of the best high quality and affordable boxing boots available in the market. And if you’re looking for the best affordable boxing shoes, this is the right pair of footwear for you.


3. Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes – Best For Wide Foot Boxers

TITLE boxing brand is very famous and top combat sports athletes love to use their Products. Title speed-flex encore offer comfortability to ankle and grip like a glove. This is a mid-height boxing footwear pair for wide feet specially designed to offer quick foot movement.Title Speed flex boxing shoes
This pair of boxing shoes offer best to people with wider foot due to its synthetic leather upper, which keeps them lightweight and durable.

Another notable thing about this foot pair is that they will keep your ankles secure and also responsive while making a quick turn. Moreover, they are also fairly light and flat to the ground thanks to their rubber grip. They also feature woven material to offer ventilation. Despite having so much quality materials they still feel light, comfortable, and offer multiple features.

These stylish boxing shoes for men and women offer a superior level of performance despite having a   low price and so many features.

Now let’s see the pros and cons of this pair of shoes.

  • Comfortable and best fit
  • Super ventilation due to its quality material
  • Lightweight design
  • Time consumption in lacing
Our Verdict
Title Speed-Flex Encore is good to go, in case you’re in a class of a medium to a heavyweight boxer. Also if you are looking to the fighting shoes that can offer you the best grip over the ankle, this pair gives the high comfort in the ring movements to boxers having a broader foot.


4. Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing Shoe – Best For Intermediate To Professionals

Rebook is a well-known brand in the world of shoes. Professionals like Floyd Mayweather and Amir Khan love to wear this Brand which depicts its value. This good shoe of boxing is one of the impressive products from Reebok. It is one of the most popular brands in the boxing world for its durability, design, and agility. This stylish boxing footwear is available in different colours while making them look appealing with different socks.

Reebok Men's Boot Boxing ShoeIn boxing, you need to look in-depth to find the best use of your feet and reebok boxing buck is the elite performer in this regard. Manufacturing Company used the synthetic material in the construction of Reebok Boot-Buck Sneaker. Therefore, it offers high stability and traction. Just because of its lightweight feel and EVA midsole for inner comfort and rubber outsole sparks its durability.

This outstanding pair of the shoe provides extra grip to ankle, unlike many other boxing shoes which help boxers to stay focus on your toes. The upper part is made with a fabric mesh, which helps in ventilation and air flows preventing sweat.

These Reebok men’s buck boxing shoes are quite expensive as compared to their competitors in the market but come on top with its solid features. Because of the variations, the brand is offering in this top boxing shoe pair.

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Reebok boxing shoes.

  • High level of feet support
  • EVA Cushing midsole and rubber outsole
  • Excellent Balance and Stability
  • No so many colors available

Our Verdict
Reebok is the best choice if you’re boxer or trainer of intermediate to the professional level. Overall it gives a great deal of functionality and comfort. We suggest this because of their durability, traction, ankle and feet comfort.on the other hand, these are a little expensive so buy it if you don’t have a budget problem.


5. Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes – Best For All Intense Sport Lovers

The Everlast New Elite High Top boxing shoes are famous for their hybrid design. This Design makes them perfect shoes for boxing in different ring styles. This design helps you to take a floor grip with ease, unlike other shoes with smooth and non-rubber gum-based soles.
Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

This top boxing pair of shoes have prepared with high-quality Michelin technical sole. These Shoes are slightly heavier than usual ones but still, these are comfortable. such a pair of the shoe also increases your mobility in the ring. Moreover, even after using them for over a few months they still look new.

There is an open mesh at the upper with microfiber that helps in ventilation and durability during working out. It will enhance your mobility, speed, and stability while offering you’re a slightly upper hand in the ring.

Moreover, they also come with an ankle strap providing a lot more support to your feet and ankle. This boxing footwear can be a worthy option for many buyers, who actively participate in many intense sports.

Everlast New Elite High tops shoes are available in many colors like blue, black and red which make them even more stylish when you wear them different shorts. They are not expensive as per the qualities they have to offer and everyone can make bet on them.

At the end, let’s get jump into the pros and cons of Everlast New Elite High top boxing shoes.

  • Hybrid Design makes them perfect for every sport and user
  • Built-in Extra Strap to offer excellent grip
  • Lightweight design
  • Sometimes You have to face size issue
Our Verdict

Everlast New Elite High is suitable for a variety of extreme games, then this is the pair worth every cent for that. They have innovation enough to keep in great form for a prolonged period, even if you’re using them every day.


6. Nike Men’s Speedsweep Shoes – Best For Nike Lovers

Nike is a well-known brand and always comes out with quality products for multipurpose things altogether. The Nike Men’s Speedsweep Shoes are famous for wrestling, boxing and have a mid-top style with the traditional Nike logo at the sides of the shoe.Reebok Men's Boot Boxing Shoes

The material used in the design of this beautiful boxing pair is a synthetic rubber with a breathable mesh on the upper portion of this boxing footwear. it provides the ventilation for the awesome grip to your feet so you don’t slip at all while moving around in the ring.

The die-cut EVA sock liner delivers cushioning to the feet and ankle inside from the shoes to make them more comfortable and protected. They also have gum rubber outsole which helps to keep your feet stable and super anchored.

The Nike Men’s Speedsweep Shoes offer the best fitting with low ankle design to complement your style and movement. The price of this pro boxing shoe pair is slightly high but it is the perfect choice if you want to move with the brand as known as Nike.

Finally, look at the pros and cons of buying the Nike boxing shoes which are good for both the men and women.

  • Made with durable EVA and breathable  upper mesh
  • Gum Rubber for best traction to the ground
  • Lightweight in design and Brand trust
  • Slightly on the expensive side
Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a product, offering efficient features without any real problems with its design and punctuality, then the most suitable choice for you is Nike Men’s Speedsweep. Excellent toe grip and foot cup that holds the heel particularly fit. A fine pair of boxing socks with the proper fitting will add more beauty.


7. Adidas Men’s XIV-M Shoes – Best Value For Money

Adidas Men’s XIV-M is one of the most fashionable and unique product by Adidas. This professional boxing shoe is named after the legendary wrestler Jake Verner. This pair has a special design that provides high-quality traction and excellent balance to the feet.

adidas Men's XIV-M Shoes

The construction has been made from the 100% synthetic textile fabric, alongside it has the pretty large lace-up part and extended tongue with a logo of Adidas on it, which makes the foot more protected and allow them to make the movements easier.

Adidas Men’s XIV-M has been equipped with a single mesh on the upper to make its structure breathable to provide you with the overall excellent efficiency. These pair of boxing shoes are widely accepted by wrestlers and boxers around the world, because of the grip. The rubber outsole makes them perfect for shock absorption during complex moves for intense and long games.

The price of this pair is fairly good if we look at the high-quality material, simplified rubber, ventilation that provides tight grip, comfort, and stability in the ring. This pro boxing footwear can be used by both men and women. It is also available in different colors to provide you with a stylish look. One more notable thing, once this good boxing footwear stinks to your feet it stays the same way because of lacing length.

Here are the pros and cons of buying Adidas Men’s XIV-M.

  • 100% Synthetic textile fabric which makes them breathable
  • Affordable Price considering features
  • Rubber Sole and great shock absorption
  • Takes a time to break in because of the lacing system
Our Verdict

Adidas Men’s XIV M boxing shoe pair is good for those who are looking for all in one box solution. The guarantee of Adidas brand, very simplistic design and easy to use for foot protection, thanks to the sole on which you can surely rely on.


8. Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes – Best For Boxing Only

Ringside undefeated is the best and proven high top boxing shoe and widely famous for being an all-rounder among boxers. Ringside High Top is undefeated in everything from style to performance in the rings. This beautiful pair of boxing shoes are popular for their style and ankle adjustment. And yes, this boxing footwear is solely made for use in the ring and training.
Ringside undefeated boxing shoes
All from feet support to standpoint, you can expect that you’re getting the top-notch pair of boxing shoes. You can find them lightweight and comfortable as well.
Materials used for the construction of these boxing-made shoes especially are vinyl and patented leather which holds the secret to make them unique when you wear them.

The upper of the High Top is made with a mesh of nylon pattern that helps in ventilation and non-slip rubber outsole for comfort, stability, and safety during the fight. The sole is made of rubber that offers a complete grip to the ground, but not suitable for wrestling and other sports.

To give your feet and ankle complete protection, this high top is equipped with the shaft to provide them with the levels needed for complete flexibility. You would also be required to wear shocks and Achilles to support this High top boxing gear. That is why they mainly come in two colors white and black. At the end, let’s have look at the Summary.

  • Non-slip rubber sole to offer the best grip
  • Efficient and good looking footwear
  • Incredible Ankle Support thanks to long tail design
  • Affordable Price keeping the feature in view
  • Lack of arch support

Our Verdict
This boxing shoe pair is notably affordable and is good for those who are looking for comfortable, lightweight and proper boxing men’s boxing shoes. Moreover, it helps you to reduce the levels of fatigue you get from the vigors of jumping around the ring.


9. ASICS Unisex Snapdown 2  Shoes – Best For Low Budget

The Unisex Snapdown 2 wrestling shoe is a mid-level competitive model from ASICS, which is a Japanese brand. This pair of boxing shoes are for those who are looking for a combo of quality and comfort. These quality shoes are suitable for both wrestling and boxing.

ASICS Unisex Snapdown boxing shoesThe outsole is designed with boxing specific Serra dial traction pods, which improves the flexibility and grip of the feet during the movement in the ring. The upper side consists of the single mesh layer and synthetic suede, enhancing the ventilation and stability.

This pair of shoes might be technologically advanced, but it does not overlook the fundamentals of good boxing shoes. It doesn’t matter if you have wider or narrower feet, they will fit perfectly while providing a good grip.

The design offers a great grip while even working on the mat or and complies with boxing laces rules. The ASICS Unisex Snapdown 2 has everything you need in terms of heel and arch support. This lightweight and versatile product does not even require a very big investment.

They are easy to wear and available in many colors from Red, Black, green and many more. The pros and cons of buying Unisex Sanpdown 2 are here as follow.

  • Best Price considering the features
  • Plenty of grip and traction to offer
  • High-Quality Material used
  • Size issues as many customers complained about this

Our Verdict
This boxing shoe pair is for those who are low on budget but want quality and comfort as well. These boxing shoes might look similar to many running or jogging shoes but you can wear them during boxing as well with full comfort and confidence.


10. ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 – Best For Bodylifting

The main highlight of the ASICS men’s Matflex 5 is the low heel. The look might not be that impressive, but the quality of this product is not questionable. This is ideal all-around shoes, accepted by various top performers from boxing backgrounds.

Asics men's Matflex 5

These are breathable boxing shoes, thanks to the upper mesh that provides greater ventilation and airflow. The uses of large gum rubber outsole offer much larger traction and stability to the feet.

The entire bottom part of Matflex 5 is covered with various grip pad designs to offer the best grip to save you from sliding and tongue to offer more comfort and ankle support. The unique lacing system is integrated with a lace garage and can be used as routine footwear too.

Moreover, the price of this excellent boxing footwear is not as expensive as Japanese products used to be. This product is suitable for men and women of all classes. These boxing shoes are ideal for all kinds of martial arts and other high intense games.
ASICS man’s shoes also come in many handy colors to offer you stylish look. Finally, let get into the pros and cons of ASICS Men’s Matflex boxing shoes.

  • Made of high-quality breathable material
  • Comfortable padded sole
  • Standard lace-up design
  • Size issues
Our Verdict

What makes this pair of shoes a part of this list? Firstly, the product earned the right to be in a standout spot due to its flat heel, and padded rubber sole feature. Secondly, ask every weightlifter, they surely going to recommend this pair due to its durability.


11. Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes – Best For Budget Segment

Once again, Ringside with it’s another perfect pair of boxing footwear which is good for wrestling as well named as Ringside Diablo boxing shoes. The highlighted point of this ringside product is the perfect shinny and brighter look. Thanks to the quality leather vinyl finish, which makes it perfect for any high-intensity activity.

ringside diablo boxing shoesThe mid-top design of Ringside Diablo shoes is good enough to offer you maximum mobility and allows the speedy moves during the fight.

As required, this pair of footwear can give you an edge over your opponents if you’re good with your technique as well.  This boxing footwear comes up with the nylon mesh made uppers.it ensures the proper breathability of the shoes incredibly well with excellent ventilation.

This lightweight design also enables the boxers and wrestlers with more agility during the fight in the ring. There is no doubt that Diablo offers a great combination of comfort, ventilation, and ankle support.
it has a lightweight design, which makes it one of the most desired products in the market among the many players. The outsole of the Ringside Diablo men shoes is not only strong but flexible as well. And this feature leads them as new generation footwear. The outsole is made of a rubber giving a reliable grip to the ground and preventing the boxer from slipping.

Moreover, Ringside Diablo features in many eye-catching and shining colors. That’s why it is an ideal choice among the male and female. The colors are as follows Black, Blue, Red, Pink, and white.

Finally, let’s have a short look at the pros and cons of the Ringside Diablo Boxing shoes for men and women.

  • Best ankle support in this price segment
  • Easy and Simple lacing design
  • Lightweight design with great breathability
  • Finishing touch is not ideal

Our Verdict
So Ringside Diablo boxing shoes are more of a hit rather than a miss. Buyers with low starting budget would love these shoes because of their top tier design and one of the best ankle support outsole to offer reliable comfort.


12. Venum Elite Boxing Shoes – Premium Class 

Venum is known as one of the finest boxing footwear brands available in the market. Venum Elite boxing shoes are famous for the high performance offering more excellent stability and agility. The stylish and glossy look offers the best control and positioning to your feet, supporting in dodging and mobility.venum elite boxing shoes for wide feet

The construction of the Venum Elite Boxing Shoes is made of Tri-material, which is the combination of glossy PU patent, PU Flex, and Mesh Money comb. This Combination depicts that this is premium stuff. The long-tail boxing footwear may seem obscure and hard to some boxers out there but, some prefer them over mid or short tail shoes to get the highest ankle and arch support.

After the leather material, the next important thing is the upper mesh that is mixed with the insole to provide the best arch and ankle grip.

Moreover, the combination of mesh and insole provides greater oxygenating and airflow support too. This combination also makes them lightweight boxing shoes. The insole plays an important role in optimizing comfort and movement as well.

The outsole is formed of bonded rubber which offers, greater traction and grip to prevent you from sliding in the ring. The bonded rubber also ensures great pivoting, that plays an important role in standing and moving back and forward.
The cost of this footwear is also good enough, keeping the characteristics under consideration. Venum Elite shoes are also available in a variety of colors to please both men and women.

In the end, the pros and cons of the Venum Elite Boxing shoes are necessary to see.

  • Great arch and foot support due
  • Highly ventilated mesh upper
  • Light weight design due to its high class material
  • little expensive
Our Verdict

With plenty of features, leather design and ideal upper mesh. Venum Elite boxing shoes are easily the best boxing shoes with great arch support and ample grip. The lightweight design and rubber outsole is recommended for those who have enough money to spent on the boxing shoes.


Buyer’s Guide to best boxing shoes:

Alright, now we are going to look into the guide, where we see what to look for in the world of boxing shoes similarly, we look for cars in the automobile markets. There are many things to identify from the right weight to shoe material in the best boxing shoes.
The ideal boxing footwear should need to be a natural fit for your feet. Because unlike many other games, boxing requires a lot of maneuvers

and actions. You can’t wear like grippy cross-trainers for fighting or training in the ring.
We’ve shortlisted some of the key features that you must look for before purchasing in the boxing shoes.

Grip: Grip and pivot are the first two most important points to acknowledge when you are going to buy boxing footwear. The level of your performance is directly proportional to the grip and pivot the shoes are offering, so it’s vital to pay attention to it. Different shoes come with different values, some will offer better pivoting and other better grip. Look at the reviews of best boxing shoes to see which pair is offering both of them.

Grip does not only offer stability but additionally helps you get out of greater risk of harming yourself during the fight because of slipping over or losing focus. Pivoting means the ability to turn and take a new angle from the same spot.

Having quality footwear with a decent grip not only enhances your mobility in the ring but ensures safety as well. Because feet are practically the most useable part of the body during the fight. A good pivot also enables you to use the force to a greater extent while hitting and attacking the opponent.

However, most people prefer a stickier grip over the less grip one. But tighter grip might even make you feel stuck. So make sure the grip is not too tight to save yourself from the injuries.

Sole: The importance of the sole cannot be ignored and its quality is heavily dependent upon the construction and feel. The best sole for boxing footwear must be of rubber because the rubber soles are built to affect your move, pivot, and balance.

A good outsole should offer a decent grip, must be durable and protective. As we have reviewed, some of the products come with extra padding to offer you much matter rhythm. But if these soles disturb your balance, you should move to the conventional rubber soles.

Another notable factor is the thickness, and it depends upon the user’s preference. The thickness has a direct relation with the traction, and traction relates to the grip that soles offers you on the surface during the training or fighting. But, the too thick sole is also not recommended which makes your footwear disconnect from the ground.

However, some boxing shoes come up with other midsoles as well. They usually produced to consume more shocks than regular ones. Every brand chooses what they want to offer, in their product, depending upon the user’s experience. They are recommended for boxers who fight in really high end and intense games.

Weight: A third most important factor to consider is the weight of footwear, and it is as important as the grip and sole. The ideal lightweight boxing shoes are essential for efficient speed and movements. First, let’s talk in common sense, the heavier the shoes are, the harder it will be for you to move around in the ring during fight or training, but support you during falling as well.

Lightweight boxing shoes are always the first choice among pro boxers. The weight of the footwear heavily depends upon the material used in the construction of the shoes. Best boxing shoes come up with the synthetic leather material along with the fabric, as well to make lightweight as discussed in the reviews.

The mesh on the upper also plays an important role in decreasing the weight of boxing footwear while offering ventilation to the feet. A light and thinner will feel more flexible and powerful if you want to feel the ground.

Additionally, the materials used may vary from product to product, so it is wise to check if the footwear is breathable and comfortable as well. However, when you’re moving for the lightweight shoes, you must remember that not to compromise on the quality material, durability, and stability.

Height and Ankle Support: Last but not least. Another major factor to see into the best boxing shoes is that, can they offer your ankles maximum protection. That is why the proper research and information are required before deciding because ankle injuries are more common in sports that require greater strength. So a little research is worth saving your ankle from damage. But don’t worry, we’ve done this on your part.

Boxing or wrestling shoes normally come in three types; low top, mid-top and a high top. But this is not the case that all of them will meet your desired boxing needs. Some might feel a lack of support to lower shins, and others feel too loose at the ankles. Some might feel uncomfortable and portray a completely different experience if you’re moving from one type to another.

So let’s jump into the three different types of boxing shoes and see what they have to offer to the boxers. As it clear from the name high top, these boxing shoes offer great style and have 4-6 inches of height above your ankle if we do not consider the tongue. These models offer the best stability and ankle support, as mentioned in the reviews as well. Mature and seasonal boxer prefer such type of shoes.

Secondly, there are mid-top boxing shoes. These shoes are gently grounded than the high top ones. The height is about 2-3 inches above the ankles. These shoes offer a smart amount of ankle support and protection. But the sensible thing about mid-top boxing footwear is that you can wear them for different sports activities as well.

Last and the most frequent type of boxing shoes are low top, they do not offer you the maximum ankle support. But if you have strong ankles, these are the types of shoes you can get the most from speed, fighting, and movements. Many heavyweight boxers with the strong ankles preferred to fight with the low tops to get favorable results.

Flexibility, Strap and laces: In general, we know laces and straps also have their roles to play while offering flexibility to feet during the fight and training as well. Not all the boxing shoes come with the best pair of laces and straps. But a decent combination can make you move better and make you feel superior over the opponent.

Straps help to offer you additional stability that is needed by joining your shoe with the ankle and foot while laces in boxing have a vital role if they are not tied properly, the little adventure and cause you a game and compromise your whole focus. Always use the right methods to tie up your laces and use the laces of high-quality material.

As much as the rigid base you got with your boxing shoes better will be your position in the ring. Therefore, choosing the right pair of laces and straps helps you in getting flexible, and by adding little flexibility you can feel the impact on your performance.


We Have Answered Few Queries Below:

1: Do Boxing shoes make a difference?

The simple and sweet answer is YES. A pair of Best Boxing Shoes give you the Support and Durability to your ankle. They have specially designed sole which gives you better movement in the ring. Moreover, due to the flexibility feature, it can help a lot during a fight. We have discussed all these things in detail here which can help you in choosing the right pair for you.

2: What Boxing shoes Floyd Mayweather and Amir Khan wear?

According to both legends they prefer to wear Reebok boxing shoes. Reebok offers great ankle support as well as flexibility which makes movement easy in the ring. Due to the high level of feet support these shoes are loved by the Internation boxers.

3: How should boxing shoes fit?

Unlike Other shoe, boxing pairs Come with better Ankle Support and flexibility. therefore it is very easy to wear these shoes because these shoes are made with a special material to give proper fitting to the boxers. However, while wearing these shoes you should tie it perfectly to avoid any mishap during the fighting.

Final Verdict

After this healthy discussion, we have two scenarios here to consider, which are Directly connected with our budget. if you want a product for a long term usage than you will have to increase the budget as well, but on the other hand if you are not a regular boxer and you need to use shoes occasionally for practice purposes than you can go for littler cheaper option too. Our suggestion is to spend little more to get comfort and durability for a longer run.

So, what you are waiting for? Just grab the pair of shoes and proceed with your passion for boxing.